Welcome to MCPC! Founded in 1933, MCPC is a non-profit, parent's cooperative preschool. We are a supportive community of 25 disparate families, working together to facilitate our children's development and to operate our beloved school. Our programs include a two-year weekday morning preschool, an early afternoon transitional bridge-kindergarten program, and classes for toddlers and their parents or caregivers.

Preschool Program

As a parent-cooperative, parents and children grow and develop together in our two-year program.  We provide morning, play-based classes, and require parent involvement at the school one day per week. Learn more

Bridge K Program

In our one-year Bridge K Program, we provide an intimate afternoon program with play-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ready for more challenge and decreased parent involvement. Learn more

Toddler Program

Our Toddler Playtime program provides experiential classes for young children and their parent or caregiver, and are the perfect introduction to a preschool environment. Learn more

News & Announcements

Preschool Tours

We are presently conducting preschool tours and accepting enrollment applications for the 2016-17 school year. People of color and parents of girls are strongly encouraged to apply. Preschool tours occur weekday mornings during school hours, by appointment only. If you and your child would like to tour of our facility and preschool program, please email preschool@mcpckids.org to schedule a tour. 

Bridge K Tours 

Bridge K tours for the 2016-17 school year take place on Friday afternoons, by appointment only. If you and your child would like to schedule a tour of our facility and Bridge K program, please email bk@mcpckids.org

Preschool Summer Camp

Enrollment for Preschool Summer Camp is now open! For Preschool Summer Camp information, see mcpckids.org/summer-program or click summer-enrollment to register.

Turtle Camp

Priority enrollment for incoming Turtles (first-year MCPC preschoolers) ends late May. Enrollment for Turtle Camp opens to the general public if space remains available after that.

Summer 2016 Toddler Playtime

Summer 2016 Toddler Playtime enrollment is now open! Summer session begins June 20, 2016. Children must be 18-36 months old by the first week of class. For more information, or to enroll, see mcpckids.org/toddler-classes or email toddlers@mcpckids.org


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Preschool Information: preschool@mcpckids.org
Bridge K Information: bk@mcpckids.org
Toddler Program Information: toddlers@mcpckids.org

MCPC is a non-profit organization and welcomes all families regardless of race,
religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical abililty, or national origin.

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