MCPC’s Teachers


Jolie McRae
Director / Teacher

Jolie has been a member of the cooperative since 2004, and loves MCPC and the parent cooperative model.  She oversees and directs all activities at MCPC, including our Preschool, Extended Day, and Toddler programs.  Additionally, she helps ensure that parents understand and act in accordance with our school's philosophy and teaching style, and is at the school Monday through Friday. She lives in Oakland with her wife and two teenage children, who are both MCPC alumni. 

Jolie has an undergraduate degree in dance and social science from UC Berkeley, and a graduate degree from Holy Names University. She completed her coursework in Early Childhood Education and Preschool Administration at Merritt College and Saddleback College.


Susana Ortega-Sanchez
Preschool & Spanish Immersion Teacher

Susana has more than 42 years experience teaching preschool children, and has 38 years with parent cooperatives. She is the former MCPC Director, and has been a teacher at MCPC for over 25 years. Susana works at the preschool Mondays and Wednesdays.  She is also the teacher for the new Spanish Immersion enrichment class.  She is a mother of five children and a grandmother of 11. 

Susana has a degree in General Education from Merritt College, and she has completed coursework in Preschool Administration and Early Childhood Education. Susana is fluent in Spanish. She consistently incorporates Spanish into her storytelling and preschool lesson plans.


Jamie Barret Riley
Extended Day Teacher

Jamie joined the MCPC teaching staff in 2013, and has taught in the Extended Day and former Bridge K programs. Prior to MCPC, Jamie ran several small businesses including an arts and environmental-educational summer camp and a very small neighborhood preschool co-op. She has an undergraduate degree in the social sciences from Bard College, and completed her Early Childhood Education coursework at Merritt College.  

Jamie grew up in a small community, has always attended small schools, and is most comfortable in the glorious mess of cooperative/communal ventures. In her off time she is a visual artist and maker of rituals. She likes to incorporate art, collaborative storytelling and materials from nature in her work with children. She lives in the forest with her partner and young daughter. 


Nick Ventresco
Preschool, Extended Day & Toddler Teacher

Nick has taught Toddler Playtime for 5 years at MCPC. He works at the preschool Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings as well as Extended Day afternoons, and Tuesday and Thursday Toddler classes. Nick is a father of two children and has participated as a family at MCPC. Nick has attended classes at Merritt College, and continues his Early Childhood Education.


Sonia Ramirez
Spanish Immersion Teacher

Sonia has worked in the field of education since 2002. She has been both a teacher and an aide in various stages of education including daycare, preschool and elementary school. She is currently attending Merritt College, focusing on Early Childhood Education. She earned a Masters in Education and a Spanish Bilingual Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from UC Davis. She also earned a B.A. in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University. She is a proud Oakland native who is fortunate to live and work in the town she loves. During her free time Sonia enjoys reading and dancing with her husband Thomas. She also enjoys spending time with her two kids Emiliano and Eliseo.