"Play-based REALLY works! Preschool kids are at na age that meant to explore and learn about the world through play, we are so glad MPCP embraces this philosophy"  - parent of Owl graduate 2016

"MCPC teaches social skills and self respect. The child can learn to play alone and together using communication of wants and needs and develop conflict resolution skills."

"We love MCPC. My child and our entire family have benefited in so many ways from the creative curriculum, wonderful teachers, caring parent involvement, structured Board and job responsibilities for parents."

"Jolie is an exceptional Teacher and Director. No one falls through the cracks."

"I don't worry about how situations with my child will be handled when I am not there. I know he will be loved and nurtured as necessary, and any incident will be communicated back to me. Basically, I trust in MCPC, Jolie and the other teachers and parents there to guide my child."

"I love how organized MCPC is. It's an excellent place to work and I know my son is getting the very best care possible. Our program is flexible to fit every kid's needs. As my son grows and matures, the program will still be appropriate for him"

"My child loves MCPC and misses it when she's away. Having my child start out with such a positive attitude towards school has been wonderful!"

"I love MCPC, especially the varied and imaginative curriculum."

"I love the community. There are 24 other families looking out for my child. I know what my child's experience is everyday through the many channels of communication. I love learning from other parents. MCPC parents are like-minded in child rearing. They are involved, caring and nurturing."

"My daughter's growth and development have been through the roof! We believe this has a lot to do with MCPC and its program."

"I don't think we could have found a better environment for our son. We love the cooperative environment, and the socialization and coping skills our son is learning."

"MCPC meets the needs of my child and me. The experience has allowed us both to flourish."