Parent Participation

MCPC has been operated by parents for more than 70 years. As a cooperative member, you will work with children, share parental concerns, develop child-rearing strategies, and learn about child development and behavior. 

In return for the rewards and benefits of being so closely involved with your child's first school experience, you are expected to:

  • Work one morning per week at the school
  • Assist in running the school by performing an assigned administrative job
  • Attend one evening parent meeting per month
  • Work two four-hour housekeeping shifts per year
  • Participate in our annual fundraising events

Working in a Cooperative

At no other time in your child's life will you have the opportunity to be so involved and influential in your child's education. You will experience your child's joy of discovery, power of independence, and pride of accomplishment. As MCPC parents, we have experienced the rewards of a cooperative preschool, and know that we have truly provided an excellent learning opportunity for our children. And though participation in a cooperative preschool can be demanding, we find the rewards of parent education and the time spent interacting with our children are well worth the effort.