"If your child is not 5 by September 1st, s/he would be a great candidate for MCPC's Bridge Kindergarten program. Teacher Anthea teaches an emergent curriculum and provides a fun, stimulating, extremely creative experience for older 4s and younger 5s. The program is small (12-15 children) and each kid is personally focused on to a great extent. The class combines play time, physical challenges, and lots of very creative art with some academic rigor: the children are learning to write and achieve other milestones that OUSD expects of their incoming kindergarteners. My son regularly comes home with original art, seeds he has planted, jewelry he has made, etc. Another benefit is that the program runs from 1-4PM, so it helps kids make that transition to the typical kindergarten schedule of 9am-3pm. My son is SO much more ready for kindergarten than he would have been without taking this program. I cannot recommend it highly enough." 

-Parent, BK Class of 2014-15

"MCPC's Bridge K program was our son's first experience with school, and it was the perfect introduction. The program is academically well structured, yet still allows and encourages exploration and learning through free play. It's a wonderful balance. Our son was more than well-prepared for kindergarten the following year, and he is thriving this year as a first grader. The nurturing Bridge K program at MCPC was great for him, and it still reflects in his love for education and learning today." 

 - Parent, BK Class of 2012-13


"I was sold right away the day we came to tour. I was wowed by the space and types of activities both in and outdoors for the kids. Being interested in Waldorf education, the setting was very important to me and I love the woodsy feel and that there will be chickens soon. I have been continually impressed by the range of activities the kids engage in and how much Julian loves going. The teachers amaze me with their knowledge of child development and how they so positively redirect and support the kids with specific needs." 

 - Erika Hortvath, Mother, BK Class of 2011-12


"I loved all of the large motor play; the fine motor will get hammered next year.  I felt that this was just an amazing opportunity to be an inquisitive five-year-old before having to do so many things." 

 - Parent, BK Class of 2010-11


"I think that there is the right amount of academics integrated into the curriculum.  I feel like the Bridge K students will have a strong foundation entering Kindergarten." 

 - Parent, BK Class of 2010-11


"So glad that we made the decision to put our child into this program! It has exceeded my expectations."

 - Parent, BK Class of 2010-11